Gao Zhisheng To Serve Three Year Prison Sentence by Jaya Mangalam Gibson

The high-profile and galvanizing Chinese human rights figure Gao Zhisheng, held by Chinese security forces almost continually since late 2006, has been officially sentenced to prison for three years. You can read the full story here at The Epoch Times:

I had the honour of designing Gao's book 'A China More Just', the cover of which you can see above. It tells of his remarkable life; born and raised in a cave with only the stars to tell time, Gao Zhisheng rose from poverty to become China's most important lawyer who took on the CCP fighting for the rights of Chinese citizens.

You can purchase his book on Amazon:  Here's a video on youtube with my colleague Sarah Cook discussing the release of his book on NTD's 'Asia Talk' program:


Client receives Pioneer of the Year award from King of Sweden by Jaya Mangalam Gibson

One of my clients, Vasilios Zoupoundnidis – Owner and CEO of Sales Competence, has just received an award from the King of Sweden for Swedish ‘Pioneer of the Year’ Winner. I was lucky enough to work with Vasilios in 2007 when he gave me the task of rebranding his company which involved designing all of the corporate ID and the website. You can view the website here:

Vasilios is an extremely hard-working businessman and an accomplished humanitarian concerning his efforts to highlight the persecution of Falun Gong in China as well as the criminal exploits of the the Chinese Communist Party.

Here's a link to an Epoch Times article about Vasilios receiving the reward and his human rights work.

Swedish ‘Pioneer of the Year’ Winner Champions Human Rights | World | Epoch Times.

Congratulations Vasilios you deserve it!