Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

How much does it cost to build a house? It depends right? Same here.

I offer no set cost for a project, as all are different. I provide quotes based upon how long the project will take to complete, the complexity of the work and the equipment needed.

A simple flyer, for example, will cost far less than a fully functioning web site. I don’t normally provide binding estimates, but solid figures which you’ll be able to budget for.

To get an estimate for your project, please use my online forms here...

I also offer special shared value payment plans to those that match the criteria. To find out more click here.

If I receive a cheaper quote than yours, would you re-quote to beat it?


As a freelance designer, I don’t compete for design projects as I have my own design style, like all designers do.

I produce design work that is high quality and professional. As a qualified designer and marketer who was worked in the industry for over 20 years, I won’t undervalue my work. 

You are paying for my art college education, two decades of international design experience, the countless $10,000’s spent on equipment and software, the speed and efficiency that I work, and of course my jolly disposition :)

The quotes I provide are fair and are not comparable to other quotes, as other designers won’t produce the same style of work as myself.

Do you work on spec or pitch for work?



GST (Goods and Services Tax) is added to quotations for all NZ residents. Clients from outside NZ (for example, USA, Europe and Australia) are quoted GST at 0%—instead of the variable rates of European Countries, which roughly range from 5% to 25%. My GST number will appear on quotations and invoices.

Are you Tax Registered?


It all depends on how much work I have on at the moment. If a project time frame is urgent, then I may be able to start sooner, but a rush-fee (charge) will be added to the quote. If I’m fully booked, say, for 2 weeks, I will provide you with a start date.

Can you start on my project straight away?


The size of the project and the amount of other projects I am working on determines my availability. However, the general time scale is between 2 weeks to 2 months. I do have other designers that work for me but rush jobs at short notice always incur a surcharge.

How long will it take to complete a project for me?

As always, every project is different. 

But in a perfect world this is an example of how it may go:

  1. You provide me with a creative brief, preferably using one of the forms on this website: Quotes

  2. Once a quote and timeline is agreed upon, we will sign a contract based on this agreement.

  3. I will take a deposit for the work to commence. The size of the deposit varies from project to project.

  4. I will produce some PDF proofs with the provision for a single set of changes. All work carried out beyond these changes will be charged at the hourly rate as stated in the quote.

  5. If it is all signed off I will produce the final artwork. Once the final payment has been made, I will release the artwork, launch the website or provide the suppliers with materials as agreed.

How does the design process work?


Subject to conditions and credit checks, I can work with a regular payment scheme rather than invoicing for large amounts at once. To find out more click here.

Can you work on retainer or do you have payment plans?

All of them.

I supply pretty much any filetype that is required. Normally, I supply print-ready PDFs for Print works, Layered PSDs for web templates, GIFs, JPEGs and PNGs for web design. AI and EPS files can also be supplied upon request.

Which File Formats do you supply?

I do.

I retain the copyright for all works I create. I license the work for you to use unless otherwise agreed.

On hiring me, you agree to my right to use all design work I have created for promotion of my services.

Who owns the copyright?


I work with clients locally, but also from countries as far away as the UK, USA, India, and Sweden.

Modern technology makes it possible for us to collaborate on a project. As long as you have access to email, the project should run smoothly, although we can also use phone and Skype too.

You live in New Zealand on the other side of the planet! Will I still be able to hire you?

Nearly all of them ;)

I can accept a variety of payments including PayPal, Stripe, Credit Card, and Bank Transfer/BACS.

Which Payment methods do you accept?

I may do if I feel it fits in with the rest of my material.

Will you display my project in your portfolio?


It isn’t guaranteed. Being featured in a case study should be very beneficial for your company and organisation, but I will never disclose private data.

Will you write an article about my project on your blog?


If I promote your design and give you loads of exposure
on my new website,
book and tv show will
you do my design for free?

See above.

But what if...