Communications / Marketing Audit


What are you communicating? Is your marketing effective?

A good audit will answer these questions. An audit is a systematic research method, which will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current internal and external communications or marketing operations.

An effective audit will identify:

  • how past communications were handled

  • key audiences, what they currently know about your business, service, product or organisation, what they need and want to know and how they prefer to be reached

  • strengths and weakness in current communications programs

  • untapped opportunities for future communications

An audit asks:

  • What are our current goals and objectives for communications?

  • How well is the current Communications Plan working?

  • Are our messages clear and consistent? Do we have a coordinated graphic identity?

  • Are we reaching key audiences with our messages and moving them to action?

  • What communications have been most effective?

  • What do customers think of our communications?

  • Do our communications support our overall strategic plan for our business or organisation?

  • What would make our communications more effective in the future?

  • What communications opportunities are we missing?

At Gibson Creative we offer a comprehensive audit that will answer these questions and more. Get in touch to find out how we can help your comms and marketing.